Project Recap: UBER / Palo Alto, CA

Thanks to my friends at Assembly Design, I was invited to paint two large murals for the new UBER South Bay campuses in beautiful Palo Alto, CA.

In total, I produced two very unique site-specific murals drawing inspiration from connections between art and technology. I felt right away this was an opportunity to experiment with new combinations of materials pushing natural elements and methodical applications through two-dimension and three-dimensional mediums. Below are some photos of the amazing journey I was fortunate to experience.

Both in my signature landscape approach, the first floor pulled the viewer in and grounded you. It depicted communal activity and life cycles through earth tones and a visual theme translating natural elements of earth and rock in abstracted forms. The painted background went edge-to-edge, layering bold shapes, controlled splatter gradients, and rock-like texture with an combined overlay of hemp twine that mathematically worked its way through the painted shapes.

For the second piece, being that it was located the second floor on an opposite facing wall, I knew I wanted to starkly contrast the first. The natural themes chosen for this one were water and air, and much like the elements themselves, I kept the concept of this piece light and open-ended allowing improvisation all the way to it’s completion. It was raining a lot during it’s creation with breaks of sunlight and with a courtyard located in close proximity to this piece, it was an obvious choice to add multiple reflective qualities. Similarly to the first one, I combined painted forms and gradients spanning across the wall — layered to feel like looking down at the surface water of a flowing stream. The iridescent twine, swaths of spray glitter and miniature mirrors all added a magical quality that came to life as you walk by the piece during different times of the day.