Surface & Light

After my last show, I felt a burnout coming on and needed to switch things up and while I was reorganizing the studio, I discovered large bags of cement, sand, plaster and other building materials. I took this as small but important sign that I was on the right path when the desire had been there to focus on three-dimensional work.



What began as a simple exploration of combining different materials to produce something refreshingly minimal, suddenly inspired a whole new way of making work that I am thrilled to develop further.

At its core, each piece combines the textural qualities of raw material with the purity of neon light. Equally influenced from my travels to Mexico and my new home in New York City, I am continually drawn to moments where old architecture meets the modern world, often resulting in unexpected displays of contrast. This work is a juxtaposition of opposing environments transformed by a continuously changing world. As a means of adaptation, once seemingly unforgiving conditions give way to new ideas and energy symbolic of an optimistic outlook of our future.

Strengthened by struggle…life carries on.


Some of the work may be purchased here. For other artwork inquiries, please reach out.

Photos provided by: Chris Willmore