Print Release: Undercurrents

I recently dedicated my efforts to produce something special just in time for the holidays. It was a different approach to producing an edition where I chose to be hands on during the entire process. In an endless sea of digital prints, I still believe in the practice where the print process itself should be considered its own unique medium to produce a work of art — in this case, 50.

The end result is a 6-color hand pulled serigraph featuring gradients, translucent and UV responsive inks. The layers of the print were drawn and painted directly on acetate or cut and torn from black paper in order to produce the screens with a final layer applied directly over the printed layers in alcohol-based paint. The entire process was similar to the way I would paint, where I am making decisions as they need to happen…problem solving on the fly and working intuitively to create the final image. There was no use of computer and no digitizing.

Printed in collaboration with fine art printer Mark Herschede of Haven Press in Brooklyn, NY.

Process photos below.


6-color screen print and alcohol-based paint

14 x 18 in. / 35 x 46 cm. (final print size)
250 gsm Stonehenge paper in Pearl Grey

Signed edition of 50


Professional photos provided by: Chris Willmore