Studio Update: Winter 2018

No doubt, surviving as an artist in any city is both challenging and rewarding. Still not a full year around the sun after relocating to NYC last spring, yet the amount of lessons I have learned outweighs any year previously. Even the weather here will have a way of showing you how small you are. Among the top of the list of revelations is how I am reminded time and time again the importance of remaining patient while being incredibly resilient. It’s inarguable this city has a speed to it, yet sometimes no matter how hard you work or how fast you walk you can still miss the moment to get ahead. Thus I have learned to do quite the opposite. Sit still, be quiet, and take calculated risks at the opportune time.

My first studio in Crown Heights was a temporary sublet that ended and I felt rushed on what to do next. After a short hiatus of studio practice during the winter months to put more emphasis on other areas of my life, it became obvious I needed a physical space to create again. So at the start of this month, I decided it was time to spread my wings again.

Bracing freezing temps on my bike I explored what my budget could afford. I searched every way possible for my next spot and envisioned exactly what it would be like. And while this city has a ton of options, I ended up adding “Neighborhood” and “Community” to the top of my list of needs to help narrow it down. I wanted it to be in a neighborhood that inspires me with a community of professional artists I can learn from.

To spare you the details, fast forward a couple weeks, here I am writing to you during the first real week at my new digs. A tremendous Thank You to Maya Hayuk and family for taking me in to be a part of an amazing group of creatives in her quirky warehouse perfectly located in Williamsburg. I am beyond excited to come here every day and I look forward to the influence my new environment will have on my work.

Alas…I did it. I’m still here. Somehow someway…I get to live another day.

Here’s more photos of space the cleanest it will ever be.