Google / Sunnyvale

To balance out the internal workings of my studio practice, I seek out and get invited to get involved with transforming the walls and space of others. Site-specific (usually large in scale) can often times be very challenging, but I enjoy how it takes me out of my comfort zones in every way possible in order to make work that is often in collaboration with a client that will be viewed by a wider audience.

The following is a piece I call Harvest is located in one of the employee cafeterias for their new Sunnyvale location in California.

texture detail

background work / process

Known for my abstract landscapes depicting moments of flow and transformation amidst an environment of continual change, this mural represents the outward reflection of being conscious of our health — physically, mentally and spiritually. What we accept into our minds and bodies is ultimately what we become. Life is a constant ebb and flow, but through cultivating meaningful experiences and a healthy lifestyle, we gain mental clarity and physical strength to both receive and return positive change.