It is without a doubt that surviving as a working artist is no easy feat. A path I chose more than 10 years ago has revealed challenges I never could have imagined. Through trust and dedication to the process, I have become accustomed to the struggle knowing there is no other life I would rather live.

The year 2015 marked an incredible year of transformation that ultimately led to an undeniable growth in both my life and art career. After almost relocating my life to Mexico City, I returned to San Francisco with the conclusion that after 3 years of living entirely nomadic, it was time I settled into the place where it all began for me. With the city of San Francisco rapidly changing, it became apparent to me that I too should make some changes — building off the foundation I created with a goal to thrive rather than survive.

What began as a deep clean of the current studio, rolled into an entire overhaul and remodel. Immediately following this project, I began slowly revisiting every corner of my life, removing everything and only adding back what was necessary. In all, I rebranded and redesigned my website, produced all new promotional materials, purchased a cargo van, hired an assistant, and built out the studio of my dreams. Needless to say, the overall transformation was a long and windy road, but I’m proud to say, I finally made it out the other side.

To all my friends, family, and fans…I would like to personally announce the launch of my new website accompanied by an improved online store with multiple new print editions immediately available for purchase. As well, be the first to watch an all new profile video that further highlights this pivotal point in my life as I set forth with a refreshed sense of creative freedom to embrace a new set of welcomed challenges in the growth that lies ahead.