Brooklyn Studio Update / Artwork Release

Life carries on.

At the start of all this, I was pretty rattled up like the rest of the us overwhelmed by the amount of increased feelings. I felt a pressure building like no other that I knew would consume me if I allowed it. Whenever I feel emotionally buried as a direct result of uncertainty, I take action to work through my thoughts and as soon as I secured the home & studio, checked in with the loved ones, and completed a ton of paperwork…it was time to get back to work as best I could.

Thanks to some truly kind art buying friends, I survived the initial shock and shifted quickly into a routine of coming to the studio each and every day. With a future show booked at Heron Arts in San Francisco happening (tentatively) this Fall, it made sense for me to make the most of this time and develop ideas that I could possibly pursue further by working small at first.

Similar to studies, the intention of this new set of artwork is about the exploration of new materials and color combinations to ultimately inspire solace, reflection, curiosity, and aspiration. New ideas tend to take their time to come to fruition which makes this preliminary work symbolic of the initial spark that will only increase into the exhibition itself.

I still get awkward feelings surrounding self-promotion during a pandemic, but I also believe that in an uncertain world where a lot feels out of our control, you can still build a sanctuary within — whether physically or spiritually. More specifically, in the midst of rapid-fire change, the right artwork can invoke a sense of absorption that can be both settling and buoyant while promoting a safe space for imagination during unforgiving conditions.

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