Alchemy / Heron Arts, San Francisco


Solo Exhibition
May 2022

Heron Arts
San Francisco, CA

Collaborative 3D animation with Jeffrey Yip of Macro Waves



Heron Arts is pleased to announce the solo exhibition Alchemy from Bay Area born and raised, New York-based artist Erik Otto. Alchemy combines Erik Otto’s curiosity of materials, his experience with grief, and the transformative nature of the spiritual and natural worlds.

The new collection by New York-based artist Erik Otto explores themes of transformation and regeneration. The collection moves through the stages of grief the artist has personally experienced over the last year, exploring the metamorphic states of being that were brought to bear. Mortality and vitality are in tandem, as color and form take shape together onto the surface. Inner conflict is brought to the fore in a portrayal of the difficult beauty that is life.

Alchemy is a slight departure from Otto’s previous works, often centered around resolution and stillness. This collection focuses on what happens as the dust settles from turbulent times, a rediscovery of oneself and an intentional effort to seek peace from within. For Otto, this work is a release, a grievance, a shedding, and a movement needed for renewal. Shifting from his signature circular motif as the central focus, the artist aims to create movement which emphasizes a journey of transformation. Evolving states of being captured in atmospheric landscapes poetically portray a feeling of letting go and an energy that is released when we accept what we can’t control.

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3D animation artwork produced in collaboration with Jeffrey Yip.
Looped and vertically projected above.