Erik Otto is an American abstract artist currently based in New York City, with studios in Brooklyn, NY and San Francisco, CA.



Brooklyn Studio Update / Artwork Release

Life carries on. At the start of all this, I was pretty rattled up like the rest of the us overwhelmed by the amount of increased feelings. I felt a pressure building like no other that I knew would consume me if I allowed it. Whenever I feel emotionally buried as a direct result of…


History & Evolution: Neon Artwork

. Since reinvigorating my emphasis on neon artwork in this last year, many of you have been inquiring and asking for more. I am pleased to let you know, the feelings are mutual and I am planning to elevate my light based artwork even further in 2020. Looking back, I have always been inspired to…



. Cheers to a New Year. There always seems to be an overly enthusiastic rush this time of year to hit the ground running and rush to make things happen right away. But if you know me…things of quality have no fear of time. It’s fun to get excited, but it’s also wise to know…