Mindspace / San Francisco

Every now and then, you get a client who wants something very specific. Mindspace (based out of Tel Aviv) had plans to break into the San Francisco market with their unique style of co-working spaces reached out to me to create featured artwork based off a previously produced light painting series. Working off their color…


Finishing Touches

  Only one month to go until I reach a major personal milestone marking the end of the first phase of an ongoing series of work. After taking a long break from off-site commissions and dedicating long stretches of time to my studio practice, I managed to get back to the basics and reconnect with…


Print Release: Undercurrents

I recently dedicated my efforts to produce something special just in time for the holidays. It was a different approach to producing an edition where I chose to be hands on during the entire process. In an endless sea of digital prints, I still believe in the practice where the print process itself should be…