WAVES: Recent Work — view entire collection / upcoming solo show: September 26, 2019 (NYC)

Erik Otto is an American abstract artist currently based in New York City, with studios in Brooklyn, NY and San Francisco, CA.



A Traveling Spirit

I have been traveling to Mexico for over 15 years. What began as family vacations, took a spontaneous turn on my part to visit Mexico City. On this trip, over 7 years ago, I jumped in blind only to bump into an old friend who I met riding bikes in San Francisco who had recently…



I kept pretty busy through the winter prepping for this moment. The next collection of work is complete and ready to share with the world. It feels like I have been treading water for months battling all sorts of internal and external storms that have come my way…making sense of it the only way I…


Print Release: Overflow

All last week I have been working close with talented printer, Mark Herschede of Haven Press in Brooklyn to provide yet another offering in conjunction with my recent artwork release. He’s developed some unique ways to make edition work that will pretty much feel like the real thing. Similar to my studio practice, every layer informed…